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Once upon a time there was just pain and the difference between interior paint and outdoor paint wasn’t that great. Then the paint companies got busy on the cocktails that go into modern paint and started to develop specifically for the different jobs that interior and exterior paints do. Simply put, exterior paints are mostly dealing with weathering - UV rays, and the effects of wind and rain, while interior paints have to deal with abrasion; the bumps and bangs of normal life. Now there is a real difference between interior and exterior paints and we are careful to choose the right one for you.

VOC Content
One of the biggest things when choosing an interior paint is the VOC (volatile organic compound) content. You may have heard more about VOCs in the last few years and for good reason. While there are lots of chemicals that can be described as VOCs the main point is that they are all volatile and so continue to give off gasses, often long after they are applied. VOCs in paint, for example, only give off about half of their gasses in the first year. The rest continue to be emitted in lesser amounts year on year. We choose very low VOC paints for interior painting because those VOCs are a health risk and one you don’t need to have near yourself, your family, or your pets. Feel free to talk to us about our VOC recommendations.

Green Paints
VOCs aren’t the only ingredient in paint that can cause noxious fumes or even long term health issues and while the jury is out on many of the chemicals found in paint the demand is growing for ‘green’ paints that use non toxic natural ingredients rather than chemicals. If you think you might be in the market for green paints then give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to talk through the pros and cons. Green paints are free of heavy metals, hazardous or harsh chemicals and are often the number one choice for families looking to reduce their environmental impact while protecting their little ones.

Matt, Gloss, Satin
We offer every kind of paint out there from full gloss to eggshell so you can choose from any effect or mix a variety of different effects - for example a satin main color can be delicately combined with gloss trim for effect.

Preparation and Clean up
As painting professionals we take pains to ensure that your property is both properly prepared and protected before we start to paint. That means covering or moving delicate furnishings, laying down paint proof sheeting for floors and walls that aren’t to be painted, and masking any areas that are set to stay a different color. After we paint our professionals take pains to clean up, ensuring not a drop of paint has gone astray and everything that needs wiping down or cleaning is left spotless. That’s the professional difference you can expect with us, every single time.

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