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Floor coatings are like a coat of paint for your floor but with the huge bonus that they can be armor tough, anti slip, or even antimicrobial. Which means that whether you’re looking for a different look combined with day to day practicality for a kitchen, or a specialised floor coating for those commercial premises, there is a floor coating to suit your precise needs and tastes. Talk to us today about the huge range of floor coatings that our professionals can apply to your floors.

Epoxy Floor Coatings
These are what most people think of when they hear the term ‘floor coatings’. Epoxy means that the coating is made up of two key elements; the epoxy resin and the polyamine hardener which when properly mixed together combine in a chemical reaction that creates a super tough coating that binds really well with the substrate beneath it. Epoxy flooring is hard and resistant to impact, it is also chemically resistant to staining and bleaching and so is the preferred choice for warehousing, automotive industry settings - and more than a few kitchens. The trick to successful epoxy floor coating is meticulous preparation to ensure perfectly bound coatings and smooth surfaces and that’s where our professional installers excel.

Anti Slip Coatings
If you have a commercial space where there are a lot of fluids being handled, or the surfaces are sloped, or there are communal restrooms, or regular rainfall that doesn’t drain then an anti slip coating for the floor isn’t just a practical thing - it can make a big difference to your degree of liability as well. We can mix aggregates into any epoxy flooring that will make that beautiful coating as non-slip and practical as it is good looking. Where a certain look is required, such as a sand or quartz dusting we can apply that to the anti slip.

Some commercial or catering areas have FDA mandated rules about the use of antimicrobial surfaces to keep microbe presence to a minimum. Our antimicrobial floor coatings can be epoxy or polyurethane based and work through a combination of a physical and a chemical approach. The physical approach is simply that a super smooth surface offers very little in the way of hiding places for microbes. The chemical side is that we incorporate antimicrobial agents in the mix when applying the floor coating and these will continue to gradually be released and help kill off unwanted microbes.

Acrylic Floor Coatings
Acrylic coatings aren’t quite as tough as their epoxy or polyurethane counterparts and that means that they need more work both in buffing to maintain the appearance and longer term maintenance to ensure they continue to perform. They do have one big advantage over the other coatings however which is that they are more cost effective. Tell us more about your floor and we will happily help you choose the right coating to suit the job it has to do as well as the budget you have to spend.

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