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Exterior Painting Harrisburg, SD

It goes without saying that the exterior paint work of your property has to look fantastic but it also has a tough job to do of standing up to the elements and doing so in a way that protects the external surfaces of the building and keeps maintenance work to a minimum. We can advise you the best paint for the best result and bear in mind that the optimum solution may mean a number of different paints for differently facing parts of the property.

Types of Paint
Paint manufacturers now create paints specifically for the climate they are going to be used in so the first thing to know is that we use the right paint for South Dakota. There’s more than one type of paint though and many of the different elements should be treated with specialist paints; aluminum gutters, patios, poolsides, masonry, roofs, and sidings all have their own paints and we make sure we use the right formula for each job.

Water Based Paints
There is an ongoing debate about which is better; oil or water paint. We love water based paint because it is very low in VOCs, it dries fast, it is breathable (this can be important for some surfaces), smells less because of its low chemical content, and keeps its color well. If your priorities include environmental awareness then we can choose a water based paint for you that means minimal environmental damage and will also be the safest choice if you have children and animals to consider. In some cases the choice is already made for you because unless you’ve just built your home yourself the chances are that it has already been painted before. Applying oil based paint to existing water based paint is not the best way to go because as it dries the oil based paint layer can pull away from the water based paint beneath it forming a skin of drying paint which then cracks and reduces the protection from the elements (as well as looking terrible). Before we apply so much as a brush of paint to a property we check exactly what the existing surface coating is made of so that we never use the wrong kind of paint.

Oil Paints
With all the above benefits of water based paints you might be wondering why we bother using oil based paints at all. Well there are some very good reasons for oil based paints. Oil based paint is thicker and more durable with a slower flow that means it has great covering properties and leaves a smoother finish even where the underlying surface is pitted or rough. Oil paints can also last longer than their water based cousins so we take all of those factors into account when recommending what kind of paint will suit your property best.

Preparation and Access
We’re pros at house painting so we know just how to get access to even the hardest to reach parts of a property. We take care of ensuring safe access (for us, for you, and for the building), of thorough preparation, and cleaning up after ourselves as we go.

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