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The key to really good deck and fence staining is perfectionism as so many amateur attempts cut corners and the results will show. We take our staining seriously and should say right now that this includes either waiting for the perfect conditions to do it or taking steps to screen and cover off areas being stained to stop the weather interfering. You might not think staining was likely to be affected by weather other than pouring rain but there are a lot of factors for our professionals to take into account. On a windy day stain can be driven across the surface of wood causing an uneven color, or it might not get the chance to fully sink in. On a humid or damp day the stain may not get the chance to fully dry - even though you left it for ages. So where it’s important to stain on a given day when the weather isn’t playing ball we even up the score with full protection for the area to be stained.

Scrubbing the wood clean is a big part of staining because any loose material including the entire top surface if it is getting crumbly will have to be carefully stripped back for stain to achieve the desired results. We use power washers to get rid of moss, junk, and loose flakes of all kinds but that doesn’t mean cranking it up to eleven and letting rip either. Trust our experienced professionals to prepare those surfaces properly and with care not to cause damage.

Transparent Stains
Always popular these stains show off your wood to its best advantage and may require a bit of gentle sanding and treatment first to ensure that your wood fences and decks are frozen in time with just the perfect look. Transparent stains also include wood preservatives to ensure that the wood looks good for the longest time possible but the basic transparent stain doesn’t provide UV protection so if the wood underneath the transparent coating isn’t protected in any other way we will use a transparent stain with an ingredient called trans-oxides to protect your wood against the South Dakota sun.

Semi Transparent Stains
As the name suggests these stains have a light pigment that works by adding a touch of delicate color but keeping the wood grain visible as a key part of the effect. Semi transparent stains are great for a subtle theme where you want to improve on nature but still keep that wood front and center stage.

Colored Stains
Stains can be colored any way you like and a solid color stain can come close to the effect of paint while still soaking deep into the wood and protecting it. Solid stains are the best choice when the wood itself isn’t so great looking or has suffered damage or discoloration. They also create a far more even effect which can be what customers are looking for. Because improperly applied color stains can chip or flake we take great care to suggest and apply the right kind of water or solvent based stain for your wood and its exposure.

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