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Commercial painting typically has to cater for much tougher use and abuse than home painting while still keeping its color and looking good because not only is it customer and workforce facing, but it may also carry the weight of a brand and with it the image of a company. Over the years the paint industry has come up with many new types of paint specially developed for particular uses so show us exactly what it is you want painted and let us run through the best options to do the job and keep it looking great and maintenance free for as long as possible.

Solvent Based Paints
Not so very long ago all the paint used for commercial and industrial painting was solvent based. Just to confuse the issue these are also referred to as oil based or alkyd based. Alkyd based paints are a synthetic oil that is cheaper than the natural oil used in traditional oil based paints. The downside with solvent based paints is the VOC content which is given off as they dry. Local environmental codes may even ban these paints or only allow low VOC solvent based paints. While water based paints have gained ground against solvent paints there are still some popular uses for solvent paint especially for protecting metalwork. Think metal staircases, guard rails, and exposed girders.

Water Based Paints
Water based paints have also benefited from the developments of alkyds and now provide great long lasting color and low VOCs and odor which can be essential in work areas, retail spaces, classrooms, and showrooms. If you’re looking at painting large areas of walls then water based is probably the way to go.

Intumescent Paint
Intumescent paint is actually a coating that has an astonishing property. If it’s exposed to fire or very high temperatures it expands to up to 100 per cent its original volume. In doing so it becomes less dense and creates an insulating effect that protects the material beneath the paint. Typically used as a way of fireproofing metal such as exposed steel girders it means that you can have a really beautiful raw metal look but still satisfy fire codes and protect your property in the case of the worst. Because so many commercial properties have machinery or processes that entail a fire risk intumescent paint is fast gaining ground in commercial premises.

Access and Timing
We are experts in establishing access to even the most tricky to reach spots of a commercial property and can create the scaffolding or install the ropework required to paint any part of even large atriums and malls. More than establishing physical access we also take great care to avoid disturbing workforce or customers wherever possible. We set up access and aim to use low peak times to get the work done with as little disruption to your business as possible. So when you talk painting with us we will advise not only on the best type of paint, but the best possible painting schedule to fit in with your working hours.

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