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About Us

Sioux Falls Painters are painting and decorating professionals with a skillset that extends to epoxy floor coatings, wood staining, and drywall repairs so whatever the surface we can get it back to shining perfection before applying the color scheme of your dreams. Our years of professional painting and coating experience means that we have seen the evolution of the paint business and with that the new generations of paints and their properties to deal with all kinds of conditions. Which means we are perfectly placed to advise you on what type of coating, stain, or paint will best stand up to the conditions in your home or business while looking fantastic and costing you the least to maintain long term. We know the volatile organic compound levels of every paint type we work with and pay particular care to the environment - both of the planet we all share and the rooms you, your family, pets, and customers will be living and breathing in for the next few years. So you can trust us to get your surfaces not only looking great but providing the right atmosphere for you to live with in more ways than one. We know that anyone can slap paint on a brush or roller and with it change the color of a wall. What makes the pro difference is the planning, the preparation, and the finishing and we think you’ll find that there is nobody better in the Sioux Falls area to achieve that for your property project.

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We provide quality interior and exterior painting services throughout Sioux Falls.

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If you’re in the Sioux Falls area and have wells, floors, or woodwork in general then you could benefit from our experience in paint and other surface treatments. Whether you are remodelling a home, adding a touch of brightness and color to a room, or fitting out commercial premises we have the skills to meet your needs and match your budget. So call us today and let’s talk.